Sphinx statue uncovered in Minya’s Tuna El-Gebel


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The Egyptian Archaeological Mission, under Sayed Abdel-Malek, has uncovered a small royal statue of a sphinx in Tuna El-Gebel archaeological area in Minya governorate, Upper Egypt.

Sphinx statue uncovered in Minya's Tuna El-Gebel
Credit: Egypt. Ministry of Antiquities

Director General of the Antiquities of Middle Egypt Gamal El-Samastawy said on Saturday that the statue, which measures about 35cm in height and 55cm in width, was made of limestone.

Sphinx statue uncovered in Minya's Tuna El-Gebel
Credit: Egypt. Ministry of Antiquities

The mission also has found collections of ancient amulets in addition to potteries of various forms and sizes.

Source: Ahram Online [December 14, 2019]



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