Late Roman era sarcophagus found by Turkish farmer


A late-Roman era sarcophagus thought to be belonging to the Late Roman Empire was unearthed and transferred to a museum after it was found by a farmer in Turkey’s İznik district of Bursa last week.

Late-Roman era sarcophagus found by Turkish farmer
The sarcophagus, which has many relief figures including the ancient god of love 
Eros on four sides, was found in an olive grove in Bursa’s İznik district 
[Credit: AA]

The sarcophagus weighing nearly 7 tons was found by farmer Hatice Süren, who went to an olive grove near the Hisardere area, last week.

She informed the gendarmerie and excavations were launched in the area to unearth the sarcophagus.

Archaeologists found out that the sarcophagus had been partially damaged by treasure hunters.

Source: Todays Zaman [November 24, 2015]