Huge dinosaur footprint found in Bolivia


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A huge dinosaur footprint measuring 1.2 meters (nearly four feet) in diameter has been discovered in Bolivia, a researcher said Monday.

Huge dinosaur footprint found in Bolivia
Huge dinosaur footprint found in Bolivia
The print, measuring over a meter wide, was made by a meat-eating predator in central Bolivia
[Credit: David Mercado/Reuters]

The dinosaur, from the Abelisaurid family, would have left the track some 80 million years ago, said the local palaeontologist who found it, Omar Medina.

He made the find in southeast Bolivia, a hotbed of dinosaur fossils.

“It’s one of the largest prints ever found” in the South American country, he told AFP.

He estimated the dinosaur that left it, a carnivorous biped, would have been about 15 meters tall.

Huge dinosaur prints measuring up to two meters across have also been found in France and Argentina.

Source: AFP [July 25, 2016]



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