Well-preserved stone hatchet unearthed in Sichuan


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The cultural relics administration office of Qingshen County in Sichuan Province has completed its first excavation of the Chenjiashan ruins site, according to a report by Chinanews on Jan. 19.

P201101201518082545129840According to the office, archaeologists found five tombs belonging to Song and Yuan periods and clear cultural layers from periods ranging from the Tang dynasty to Qing dynasty. They collected nearly 1,000 samples of various kinds of pottery and porcelain.

Also they unearthed some well-preserved funeral objects, including barn jars and pottery. In addition, a well-preserved stone hatchet was also discovered at the Chenjiashan ruins site.

P201101201519182879023482In the excavation area, which totaled 300 square meters, many things that were unearthed surprised archaeologists because they were seen for the first time appearances in a local archaeological expedition.

These included two secondary burial tombs belonging to the period between the end of the Song dynasty and the early Yuan dynasty, a pair of barn jars full of a liquid that was possibly wine, a well-preserved stone hatchet (a kind of major tool of the ancient Chinese from the New Stone Age to Han dynasty) and a ceramic pendant for a fishing net.

Author: Wang Hanlu | Source: People’s Daily Online [January 20, 2011]



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