Two ancient human skeletons found in central Morocco


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Moroccan researchers have discovered two human skeletons which date back to between 6,000 years and 14,000 years ago in a cave in central Morocco, the National Center for Archeology and Heritage said Tuesday in a statement.

Ancient human skeleton

The bones were found separated by an archaeological layer of about 0.5 meter, the statement said, pointing out, however, that the precise age of the skeletons needs to be confirmed by radioactive dating.

The first skeleton, which dates back to between 6,000 years and 8,000 years ago, belongs to an adult man buried in a narrow trench in a sitting position with legs contracted sharply. The second skeleton is of an adult man who was buried on the first man’s right side, and is estimated to date back to between 8,000 years and 14,000 years ago.

The statement added that the importance of this discovery is to refute the idea of a cultural vacuum between the Neolithic period and the Late Stone Age, between the cultures of human communities dependent on hunting and the first agro-pastoral groups that followed.

Source: Xinhuanet [September 18, 2012]



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