Turkish agency restores 5 Ottoman-era legacies in Albania


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Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) begins restoration of five Ottoman-era sites in Albania.

Turkish agency restores 5 Ottoman-era legacies in Albania
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According to the statement issued by TIKA’s office in the Albanian capital Tiran, the agency continues to deliver various technical assistance and projects to common historical and cultural assets with the aim of protecting and transferring them to future generations.

The new projects included Ethem Bey Mosque, Ergiri Pazar Mosque, Berat Hünkar Mosque, Halveti Tekkesi and Berat Bekarlar Mosque, the statement said, adding the restoration is expected to be completed in two years.

The agency previously completed the restorations of Preza Castle Mosque, Akçahisar Murad Bey Mosque, Elbasan Nazire Mosque, Imrahor Ilyas Bey Mosque and Berat Kurşunlu Mosque.

TIKA has been operating in Albania since 1996 and it has carried out more than 300 technical assistance and business associations projects to support the development of the country.

Source: Daily Sabah [March 04, 2018]



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