Tunisia adopts measures to safegaurd ancient Carthage


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The Tunisian Minister of Culture announced a series of special measures to safeguard the archaeological site of Carthage, classified as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1979.

Tunisia adopts measures to safegaurd ancient Carthage
Gorgon mask displayed at Carthage Museum, 
Carthage, Tunisa [Credit: ANSA]

On the basis of directives and recommendation stemming from the International Conference titled “The site of Carthage, shared world heritage” organised by the National Institute of Tunisian Heritage the ministry promised it would be actively involved in the protection of the site before the government both halting illegal construcion in the area and also promoting the site among the Tunisian cultural and touristic destinations.

However, according to a press report new funds are necessary to procede with restoration efforts at Carthage and the active participation of citizens in the preservation of the sight is equally called for.

Source: ANSA [December 12, 2014]



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