Tombs of noble women found in North China


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Two tombs whose owners were identified as noble women from the Spring and Autumn Period (770BC-256BC) were discovered recently in Shanxi Province in North China, the China News Service quoted the Shanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology as saying on Wednesday.

Tombs of noble women found in North China

According to the report, the newly found tombs were uncovered in a large burial site discovered in Taosi village, Xiangfen county in the southern part of the province in 2014.

Covering an area of 240,000 square meters, the site is believed to have been a special burial ground for aristocrats during the Spring and Autumn Period.

One of the remains of the two new tombs has been identified as a 30-year-old pregnant woman. Jade accessories and items were found on the bodies of the tomb owners around their necks, waist and on their arms and feet.

Tombs of noble women found in North China

Moreover, a large amount of burial wares made from bronze, jade, clay and bone were unearthed from the tombs. Eight ancient bronze musical instruments called tongfu, each a different size and decorated with animal patterns, were also discovered in the tombs.

According to Wang Jingyan, head of the site’s research team, judging from the size of the tombs as well as the type and quality of the burial wares, the tomb owners were very likely members of the upper class of the time period, local newspaper Shanxi Daily reported on Tuesday.

Experts at the Taosi village burial site have discovered 1,283 tombs and five graves containing horses and chariots. So far, 17 of these tombs, hundreds of jades and 80 bronzes have been unearthed.

Source: Global Times [February 28, 2017]



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