Temple’s Relief Stone Studied


The Borobudur Temple Conservation Agency received an ancient relief stone found by a Mendalan villager in Magelang, yesterday. 

The Borobudur temple [Credit: micahcraig]

The square stone was allegedly part of the temple’s relief. “We’ll conduct further study,” said Yudi Suhartono, the documentation and publication group work’s coordinator, yesterday. 

The stone with the Buddha pattern from the VIII century will be matched with 9,000 stones at the Borobudur Museum that have not been assembled. 

“If it matches, we can assemble it,” said Yudi. 

The finding, which has not been assembled, included two artifact heads that were found by a Tanjungsari resident in 2010. The heads were part of the Borobudur Temple.  

Source: TEMPO Interactive [January 26, 2012]