Taxes and costs, 70 Italian castles on sale


Two prestigious castles are on sale in Tuscany, both connected to two characters in Dante’s Divine Comedy: Farinata degli Uberti, among the damned in Hell, and the gentlewoman from Siena Sapia Salviani among the envious in the Purgatory.

Taxes and costs, 70 Italian castles on sale
The Castello di Tavolese near Florence [Credit: ANSA]

The castles are the Tavolese manor near Florence and Sapia castle near Siena. From northern to southern Italy, dozens of private castles are on the market, according to a statement by Lionard Luxury Estate.

Prices range from 1,200 to 8,500 euros per square meter for mansions of great charm and prestige, perfectly maintained, some of which have already been fitted as hotels or farms.

”On our website alone we have 37 castles on sale, but there are over 70 across Italy in the portfolio”, said the CEO of Lionard Luxury Real Estate, Dimitri Corti.

High maintenance costs and growing fiscal pressure on real estate have convinced many owners, in many cases for many generations, to consider selling to foreign buyers, at the moment the only ones interested in investing in this type of property.

The most advantageous properties are currently located in Piedmont: one of the most stunning castles in Monferrato, located in a park with secular trees, a manor of 5,962 square metres in perfect condition, with a 16th century guesthouse, is on sale for 7 million euros, just over 1,000 euro per square meter. Similar occasions can be found in Umbria, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Liguria and Tuscany, one of the most sought after for this type of property.

It is the case of the 19th century Castello di Acquabella, in the splendid natural reserve of Vallombrosa, near the abbey by the same name, which has been perfectly renovated, for a total of 5,000 square meters inside.

On the coast between Livorno and Castiglioncello, a castle dating back to the beginning of the 1900s with splendid sea views is on sale – 700 square metres on four floors with two towers. The park includes palm trees, secular pines and exotic plants.

The castle of Sapia – from the name of Sapia Salviati – near Monteriggioni, just 7 km from Siena, is also on sale. Set in a splendid landscape, the hotel needs a full renovation and is on sale for 2.5 million euros.

More expensive are stunning castles in the Chianti countryside near Siena and Florence, like the imposing Castello di Tavolese, which belonged to the house of Farinata degli Uberti, the family of Petrarca’s mother: 7,676 covered square meters and 67 hectares of park, which includes buildings such as a church and farms.

Source: ANSAmed [December 15, 2014]