Syrian army takes Krak des Chevaliers in Homs


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The Syrian army took over the historic citadel known as Krak des Chevaliers in Homs Thursday following fierce battles with rebels.

Syrian army takes Krak des Chevaliers in Homs
Krak des Chevaliers castle is seen in Syria in this Wednesday, April 16, 2008
[Credit: The Daily Star/Mohammad Azakir]

Al-Jadeed reporter Ramez al-Qadi, who is embedded with Syrian government forces, broadcast live from a hill overlooking the fort moments after it fall to troops loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad.

At least 11 rebels were killed and more than 45 wounded in a Syrian army ambush and ensuing gunbattle in Al-Hosn which takes its name from Qalaat Al-Hosn, Arabic for Krak de Chavaliers.

The fort’s fall comes days after the Syrian army seized control of the strategic rebel-held town of Yabroud in the region of Qalamoun.

Source: The Daily Star [March 20, 2014]



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