Statue of Amenhotep III found


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A team of Egyptian and European archaeologists has unearthed a statue of the ancient Egyptian king Amenhotep III at his funerary temple in Luxor. 

The head of the colossal alabaster statue of Amenhotep III recently found near the third pylon of his funerary temple at Kom el-Hettan [Credit: Egypt’s Minister of State for Antiquities]

The 2.5-meter alabaster head of the 18th dynastic king remains intact, Zahi Hawass, antiquities minister, said in a statement Tuesday. Amenhotep III ruled from 1390-1352 B.C. 

Hawass described the statue’s face as a masterpiece of royal portraiture. It has almond shaped eyes outlined with cosmetic bands, a short nose and a large mouth with wide lips. 

Source: Associated Press [May 31, 2011]



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