Staffordshire Hoard set to stay in Britain


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Residents have been reassured that the Staffordshire Hoard will not be leaving the county in the foreseeable future. Staffordshire County Council moved to clarify the future of the treasure trove after speculation it could be moved abroad.

Part of the Staffordshire Hoard Andrew Brunt, spokesman for the council, said the focus was still on keeping the Hoard in the region. He continued: “We’re trying to ensure that as many local people as possible can enjoy the Hoard.

“We’re looking into the possibility of displaying the items in a trail across the region encompassing the former Kingdom of Mercia which takes in both Tamworth and Lichfield.”

Mr Brunt confirmed there was interest from foreign parties but urged people not to read too much into stories about the finds moving abroad.

“The reports have to be taken with caution,” he explained.

“Obviously the Staffordshire Hoard is a prestigious and unparalleled treasure and we are working with a number of organisations and hoping to get links, but nothing had been confirmed as of yet.”

Author: Ted Woodward | Source: Staffs Live [December 15, 2010]



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