Shipwreck reveals precious coins, rare pewter artifacts


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The most important shipwreck of its kind dating from the 1500s was recently discovered by Anchor Research & Salvage SRL.

Gold adornment recovered by ARS [Credit: Global Marine Exploration, Inc]

According to noted pewter expert Martin Roberts “Pewter finds from the 2012 diving season continue to support present hypotheses on date and origin while also surprising collectors and challenging orthodox knowledge of the mid-16th Century pewter trade. The quantity of pewter now recovered definitely makes this the largest single cache ever discovered.”

Recovery and preservation efforts are ongoing, according to Robert H. Pritchett, CEO of Anchor Research & Salvage SRL & Global Marine Exploration, saying “…many more discoveries are likely as we bring the latest technology and our full resources online. We’ve only just scratched the surface.”

Click here to go to Ars site to view more artifacts from this expedition

Source: Global Marine Exploration, Inc [September 06, 2012]



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