Russian scientists uncover female mammoth with fresh blood


Members of the mission of the Institute of Applied Ecology of North, the North-Eastern Federal University, and the Russian Geographical Society discovered the carcass of a female mammoth on Lyakhovsky Islands of the Novosibirsk archipelago, the Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports.

Russian scientists uncover female mammoth with fresh blood
Mammoth on display at Neuchâtel natural history museum (Switzerland)
[Credit: Rama/WikiCommons]

According to the scientists, the tissues of the animal are almost in perfect condition. The finding is so unique that it can produce an international sensation. The global scientific community can only envy the Russian paleontologists for their opportunity to explore such a priceless ice gem as Yakutia.

“It was established that the individual died when she was 50-60 years of age. Interestingly, fragments of mammoth muscle tissue have a natural red color of fresh meat. The lower part of the body was resting in nearly pure ice, and the upper part was found in the middle of the tundra,” the head of the expedition, the chairman of the Mammoth Museum of the Institute of Applied Ecology of the North, Semyon Grigoriev said.

The researchers collected samples of the animal’s blood in test tubes with a special preservative agent. The blood is dark; it was found in ice cavities below the belly of the animal. Surprisingly, when the researchers broke the cavities with a poll pick, the blood came flowing out. Temperatures at the time of excavations were only 10 degrees below zero Centigrade.

“One may assume that the blood of mammoths possessed some cryoprotective properties,” said Semyon Grigoriev.

Specialists currently conduct all kinds of analyses and tests. Expedition members dedicated their amazing discovery to the 100th anniversary of the Yakutsk branch of the Russian Geographical Society, as well as to the 20th anniversary of the Institute of Applied Ecology of the North.

Source: Pravda [May 27, 2013]