Ruins of ancient city found in Azerbaijan


During archaeological research conducted by the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography in the Bilasuvar region, ancient monuments and an ancient city were found, Institute of Archeology and Ethnography employee Arif Mammadov said on Thursday. 

He said that on Thursday during archaeological excavations in the Bilasuvar region the expedition identified ‘Chel Aghdam’, ‘Isheri Aghdam’ rocks, the ruins of the medieval town of Shahriyar, and medieval settlement and other archaeological objects were found in the villages of Samedabad and Ismetli. 

Until now, there was information about the town of Shahriyar, but in this connection no archaeological excavations were conducted, Mammadov said. 

The historian said the materials associated with this town, as well as other monuments identified, were transferred to Bilasuvar Historical Museum. 

In the coming days excavations will begin on the identified areas. At the present time the area of archaeological excavations is being determined, he said. 

Source: Trend News [May 31, 2012]