Roman way station unearthed in Bulgaria


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Archaeologists from Bulgaria’s National History Museum have uncovered the roadside Sostra complex, situated on the Roman cursus publi-cus from Oescus to Philippopolis.

Roman way station unearthed in Bulgaria
The rooms of the roadside station were heated by a hypocaust system where warm air
heats not only the floors of buildings, but also their walls [Credit: НИМ]

The roadside complex was an important point of rest for dignitaries and even emperors and their relatives who were travelling from Oescus (currently the village of Gigen, Pleven district) to Philippopolis (currently the city of Plovdiv), according to reports of

Roman way station unearthed in Bulgaria
A warm water pool, preserved to a height of 1.20 m., was also 
discovered at the site [Credit: НИМ]

The part of the roadside complex which has already been researched includes a mausoleum , a necropolis, a castellum, a sanctuary of the Thracian horseman, buildings of a vicus (village), and a part of an ancient road.

Roman way station unearthed in Bulgaria
Archaeologists also discovered a complex system of masonry brick channels through which
flowed water that was diverted from the Osam River [Credit: НИМ]

The site spans a densely built-up area of 6 square kilometers in the valley of the Osam river on the territory of the village of Lomets, Troyan district.

Roman way station unearthed in Bulgaria
Among the finds are two gold coins of the Emperor Honorius, 
dated to AD 402-403 [Credit: НИМ]

The Troyan municipality plans to buy the private property where the excavations are underway and to turn the site into an open-air museum after detailed research and conservation activities.

Source: Novinite [May 11, 2014]



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