Roman shipwreck found off coast of Sardinia


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Italian police released a video on Tuesday (June 23) showing a well-preserved ancient Roman ship that was recently discovered in waters off the coast of Sardinia.

Roman shipwreck found off coast of Sardinia
The well-preserved ancient Roman ship was found in the strait that separates 
Sardinia from Corsica [Credit: Polizia di Stato]

In the video police officers were seen approaching the shipwreck as fish swam in the clear seas surrounding the Italian island.

Italian police said their historical discovery was made in collaboration with the Archaeological Superintendence, the country’s ministerial institute for archaeology.

The ship, which measured 18 metres long and seven metres wide, was found in 50 metre-deep waters. It had been carrying bricks from the Roman imperial era when it sank, Italian police said.

According to archaeologists, the ship could have been sailing towards Spain or the western coast of Sardinia.

Source: Reuters [June 23, 2015]



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