Roman era tomb unearthed in northwestern Turkey


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Sewer system excavations in the northwestern Turkish province of Düzce have unearthed an ancient tomb. The municipality team found a human skull six meters below ground level and a closed stone tomb measuring three meters long and one meter wide.

Roman era tomb unearthed in northwestern Turkey

Police officers arrived shortly afterward and took security measures around the area.

An examination by Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate Konuralp Museum experts revealed that the tomb dates back to the Roman era.

Düzce Governor Ali İhsan Su said the skull appears to have belonged to a medium-sized person.

“We don’t exactly know what is inside the tomb. Historical remains are found everywhere in Anatolia. Officials estimate [the tomb] is from the Roman era. It is important for us to remove the tomb without damaging it,” the governor said.

Source: Hurriyet Daily News [November 20, 2014]


  1. Roman era my *ss. When is UNESCO going to tell Turkey to stop this gross violation of due archeological process and stop treating Greek archeological sites with disdain and neglect; also to stop this practice of referring to ancient Greek artifacts as "Roman". It is unscientific, and kind of beyond ridiculous.



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