Roman-era theatre to open to public soon


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A Roman theatre dating back almost two millennia will soon open to tourist visits in Turkey’s Bursa’s İznik district.

Roman-era theatre to open to public soon
The restorations in the theatre revealed some 300 coins, earth ceramics, seven galleries
and skeletons of people. It will open to visitors in the coming days [Credit: DHA]

The theatre, which was built by Cecillius Secunds during the reign of Roman Emperor Trajan around 1,900 years ago, is one of the few Roman theatres that have survived so well in Anatolia. Much of the theatre was preserved because it had remained buried, prompting the Bursa Special Provincial Directorate to spend the past two years endeavoring to unearth the ancient site.

The restorations inside and around the theatre have so far revealed some 300 coins, ceramics, seven galleries and skeletons of people, who are thought to have died because of an outbreak.

Bursa Special Provincial Secretary General Bilal Çelik said they had so far spent 1.3 million Turkish Liras on the restoration project. “The theatre is being completely unearthed. When the restoration is done, the theatre will meet current needs. Also, we made a walking lane for tourists to visit and examine the works in the theatre.”

Source: Hurriyet Daily News [November 16, 2013]



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