Roman-era mosaics found in central Anatolia


Ruins of a Roman-era bath and a floor mosaic have been discovered while drilling at a third degree archaeological site in the central Anatolian Osmaniye’s district of Kadirli (possibly ancient Flavias or Flaviopolis).

Roman-era mosaics found in central Anatolia

A construction company that wanted to build a structure on the Dere neighbourhood Şehit İsmail Işıkbol Avenue asked the Osmaniye Museum Directorate to make drilling work.

Then the museum has initiated works in the field and found the ruins of a bath, which is believed to date back to the Roman era.

Next to the ruins were floor mosaics featuring bull, deer and lion motifs.

Roman-era mosaics found in central Anatolia

The area of the historical ruins was put under protection and the museum has reported that the archaeological excavations would begin its search for other ruins.

In accordance with the law, the Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board must give permission for construction in the fields of archaeological sites.

According to regulations, before the construction starts, the museum first initiates drilling work to find out if there are archaeological remains in the field. If not, it is given permission to start construction.

Source: Hurriyet Daily News [December 27, 2015]