Roman era chamber tomb found near Delphi


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An ancient chamber tomb has been discovered by chance at the foot of the hill Tsouka near the settlement of Stromi in Phocis.

Roman era chamber tomb found near Delphi
The Roman era chamber tomb at Tsouka hill [Credit: To Vima]

Despite the fact that the tomb had been disturbed, the preliminary study carried out on both the findings and the skeletons suggests that it was used for at least three burials during the Roman period between the first century BC and the first century AD. 

According to archaeologist Nancy Psalti the archaeological significance of the area, which is overgrown with firs and oaks, has been known for some time since the remains of ancient fortifications are visible

While systematic excavations have been conducted throughout the Tsouka hill, this particular locality has never been explored.

Part of the cover of a stone sarcophagus decorated with a carved relief depicting gorgons was also identified during the surface survey a short distance from the grave. The sarcophagus itself bears an inscription dating back to Roman times. 

The numerous offerings that accompanied the burials include jars, plates, perfume bottles and pots, lamps, two bronze coins and iron strigils. 

The finds have been transferred to the Archaeological Museum at Delphi for cleaning and preservation. 

Source: To Vima [June 28, 2013]



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