Roman-era artefacts unearthed in SW Turkey


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Three historic artifacts have been unearthed by construction equipment in two villages of Turkey’s southern province of Osmaniye.

Roman-era artefacts unearthed in SW Turkey

A piece of an architectural structure, measuring 105 by 80 centimeters and estimated to date back to the Roman era, was found during water pipeline construction in the Kırmacılı village. The other finding in the Kesmeburun village was again a Roman-era sarcophagus that measures 150 by 100 centimeters.

After examinations, the historical artifacts were transferred to the Kastabala Open Air Museum.
Osmaniye Museum Director Nalan Yastı said Osmaniye and its vicinity were very rich in terms of Roman- and Byzantine era-artworks.

She said the area where artworks had been unearthed were inside the archaeological site of the ancient city of Kastabala (also known as Hieropolis and Hierapolis [ad Pyramum]).

“The Roman city Kastabala was one of the leading cities in the region along with Antalya and Anavarza. After talks with the head of the ancient city excavations, Professor Turgut Zeyrek, we have decided to display the pieces here.”

Source: Hurriyet Daily News [April 24, 2014]



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