Roman Emperor Constantine sculpture goes on show in Rome


A marble head of the Roman Emperor Constantine – usually exhibited at the Yorkshire Museum in York – has gone on display at the Colosseum in Rome.

Roman Emperor Constantine artefact goes on show in Rome
York artefact goes on show in Rome [Credit: The York Press]

The head takes pride of place at an exhibition to mark the 1,700th anniversary of the Edict of Milan, which made Christianity lawful for the first time in the Roman world.

The sculpture, about twice life size, was found in York and may be the earliest portrait of Constantine. It may have been carved shortly after he was proclaimed emperor in the city.

Natalie McCaul, curator of archaeology at the Yorkshire Museum, said: “It is fantastic that one of York’s most famous Roman objects is now on show in what many see as the iconic Roman landmark.”

The exhibition runs in Rome until September 15 and the marble head will be back on show in York from the end of that month. 

Source: York Press [April 12, 2013]