Restoration work ends at Hierapolis theatre


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Excavations are continuing in Turkey’s western province of Denizli’s ancient Greek city of Hierapolis in an effort to restore the site’s 1,800-year-old theatre. 

Restoration work ends at Hierapolis theatre
The Graeco-Roman theatre of Hierapolis [Credit: Philip Baird[

The Culture and Tourism Ministry has allocated 1.75 million Turkish Liras for the restoration of the theatre. 

According to a written statement from the ministry, the ancient theatre, which is unique with its collection of mythological reliefs and its stage structure, will be converted into an area thriving with cultural and art events, along with an expected seating capacity of 12,000 after the restoration is completed. 

Restoration work ends at Hierapolis theatre
The ancient theatre of Hierapolis will be converted into an area for art events [Credit: Hurriyet]

Hierapolis, which is located in the central district of Denizli and takes its name from the goddess of the Amazons, Hiera, is one of the most visited destinations in Anatolia thanks to its pre-Christian sites, a historic bath, walls, water channels and churches. 

Works in the ancient city have been continuing for many years under the management of Professor Francesco D’Andria from Italy’s Salento University.

Source: Hurriyet Daily News [October 05, 2013]



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