Remains of medieval village found in Herefordshire


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Archaeologists believe they have found the remains of a medieval village in Herefordshire. Excavation work began a week ago on land in the Brockhampton Estate, near Bromyard and experts say it gives a glimpse of rural 13th Century life. 

They believe the remains, on the estate that is managed by the National Trust, includes part of a building that may have been a manor house. It may be part of a village called Studmarsh, on land known as the Grove. 

‘Really major building’ 

The work is being supervised by Herefordshire Archaeology and senior anthologist, Ian Bapty from Herefordshire Council, said they found “more than they bargained for.” 

Mr Bapty said: “This isn’t just some peasant building, or small house or hovel, this is a really major building.” 

The project is being undertaken by volunteers, including people recovering from mental health problems. 

Heritage Lottery funded the Past in Mind dig after hearing how volunteers from a mental health charity were inspired by rural history. The project is run by the mental health charity, Herefordshire Mind. 

Jenny McMillan from the charity said: “This project is not a neat little occupational therapy project, it is a real piece of archaeology and a real piece of historical research.” 

Visitors will be able to walk to the protected site for a guided tour during the August Bank Holiday. 

Source: BBC News Website [August 18, 2012]



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