Remains of medieval church discovered in Sozopol


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Bulgarian archaeologists uncovered an heretofore unknown chruch in the ancient town of Sozopol on the Black Sea coast Sunday. 

Image of the newly discovered ancient church in Sozopol. Snapshot from the Bulgarian National TV [Credit: Novinite]

Just three days ago, the eastern gate of the ancient city fortress was also uncovered. 

The remains of the church, estimated to date from the 12th-14th c AD, are located right next to the walls. 

Sunday Bulgarian National History Museum director Bozhidar Dimitrov traveled to the site to inspect the findings. 

He said that during his trip to Paris over the week he negotiated the participation of French archaeologists to help explore the layers of old buildings and artifacts in Sozopol. 

The church wall uncovered on Sunday is estimated to have been 12 m long, 70 cm thick and 3-4 m tall. 

It is located near the contemporary St. Cyril and St. Methodius church, where are located the relics of St. John the Baptist, discovered in Sozopol during the summer of 2010. 

Source: Novinte [November 27, 2011]



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