Rare gold coin of the Roman Empire discovered in South Russia


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Russian news sources have reported the discovery of a rare gold coin of the Bosporan kingdom during the course of excavations in the Crimean region of Kuban.

Rare gold coin of the Roman Empire discovered in South Russia
Credit: felicina.ru           

The golden stater, which was minted in the years 27-28 CE, was in circulation in the territory of the Bosporan kingdom, which included the Eastern Crimea, the Taman peninsula, the Anapa region, Novorossiysk, the lower reaches of the Kuban region, the Eastern Azov region and the Don delta,” the report noted.

The coin is considered to be “among the rarest” since only two other examples are known.

“The discovery was made by archaeologists from Saratov – members of the expedition of the Research Center for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage under the direction of PS. Danilov”, said the report.

Source: Felicina [March 16, 2019]



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