Rare ancient octadrachm to be returned to Greece


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An important ancient Greek coin will be repatriated from Switzerland in September following a Swiss court’s ruling that the coin is a product of illegal excavation.

Rare ancient octadrachm to be returned to Greece

The coin, a silver octadrachm, was located on the website of an auction house in September 2009 by the Greek authorities.

The coin dates back to the end of the 6th century BC at the era of King of Visaltia Mossi.

Ancient Visaltia was located in the northern Greek region of Serres.

The coin on one side depicts a man holding a spear next to a horse and on the back side the word “Mosseos” is carved.

It constitutes a very important find because the coins from the specific era found until today were only silver drachmas.

Source: ANA-MPA [February 03, 2015]



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