Pre-Inca tomb found


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Peruvian archaeologists working in the north of the country say they’ve found an unspoiled tomb from the Lambayeque culture. 

Archaeologists say the tomb dates back to 1350-1400. [Credit: ANDINA/Silvia Depaz]

Initial studies indicate that the tomb belonged to a priest-like individual who performed human sacrifices during fertility ceremonies. 

“He has with him, as offerings, three copper knives, some metal objects, a skirt made of circular copper sheets,” says Fausto Saldana, an archaeologist working at the Huaca Chotuna site. 

Archaeologists who have been working at Huaca Chotuna for three years say it’s the first time they’ve discovered such a figure – and in such a well-preserved state. 

Saldana and his colleagues also discovered a number of pieces of ceramic and pottery, including pots and jars, and the remains of three other individuals. 

According to a report on, they said the tomb dates back to 1350-1400. 

The Lambayeque culture – also known as the Sican culture – predated the Inca and inhabited what is now the north coast of Peru between about 750 and 1400. 

Source: Andina [July 17, 2011]



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