Pre-Hispanic mural discovered in southern Peru


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Archaeologists working at the Tambo Colorado archaeological complex in the Pisco province of Ica have discovered a multicolored geometric mural created before the arrival of the Spanish in Peru.

Pre-Hispanic mural discovered in southern Peru
Investigators say the mural was likely intentionally hidden in order to hide it
 from the Spanish invaders [Credit: Peruvian Ministry of Culture]

Andina news agency reports that the mural (part of which is pictured above) consists of a geometric design in red, black, and yellow, colors which are also seen in other parts of the Tambo Colorado complex.. Archaeologists say that the recent find is an example of the “Chincha-Inca” style.

According to Andina, the mural was discovered under a lay of white plaster, which may indicate that the mural’s creators intentionally covered it in order to protect their work from the Spanish. The white plaster could also have been applied for symbolic or protective reasons, Andina reports. Investigators at the site hope to know more as the excavation progresses.

Andina reports that investigations at the site are planned to continue for the next five months. Mural conservation specialists from the Huaca de la Luna in La Libertad will assist with the investigation, as will a number of local women from the small towns around the complex.

Author: Rachel Chase | Source: Peru this Week [May 16, 2014]



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