Pompeii’s House of the Small Fountain reopens


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The House of the Small Fountain, one of the most elegant residences of the ancient city of Pompeii, has reopened after restoration.

Pompeii's House of the Small Fountain reopens
House of the Small Fountain, Pompeii 
[Credit: WikiCommons]

The house faced Via di Mercurio, a few steps from the Forum, and was named after the fountain-nymphaeum placed in the garden and adorned by refined mosaics.

The restoration was completed in 135 days, ahead of schedule, and cost around 240,000 euros. Most of this sum, some 200,000 euros, was paid by the Great Pompeii Project, an initiative of the Italian government aimed at protecting the archaeological site.

The rest was financed through a public-private partnership with the Citta’ Italia foundation and donations made by citizens..

Source: AGI [May 06, 2015]




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