Peru to improve Otuzco archaeological site for tourism


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The improvement of tourism services, provided at the archaeological site of Otuzco in northern Peru, will be undertaken as part of the recently signed agreement between the State and private sector, it was reported on Wednesday.

Peru to improve Otuzco archaeological site for tourism
The Ventanillas de Otuzco in Cajamarca is a rocky area with interesting little windows
 carved into the rock, but the area doesn’t have a solid tourism infrastructure 
[Credit: Victor Miguel Ponce]

The agreement was signed between the Cajamarca Chamber of Commerce, the Decentralized Cultural Department of the Ministry of Culture, and the Association Los Andes de Cajamarca (ALAC), said Proturismo project manager Luis Reyna.

“These works were demanded by the tourism sector and will be possible thanks to the joint effort of several public and private institutions, which will contribute to boosting tourism and economy of Cajamarca,” he told Andina news agency.

The public-private partnership will invest S/.48,000 as part of the proposed improvement works at the archaeological site.

“The major problem at the archaeological site of Otuzco considered one of the main attractions in Cajamarca is that tourist facilities are not well equipped with everything required by the visitors,” he pointed out.

According to Luis Reyna, the project involves the installation of public toilets, drainage, access arrangements, among other modern amenities that will make visitors feel welcome and comfortable at the tourist attraction.

Just about 8 km from the city of Cajamarca, in the district of Los Baños del Inca, the Ventanillas de Otuzco stand out amidst the countryside. The site is a pre-Inca cemetery which pre-dates the Caxamarca culture, probably influenced by the Wari empire.

Source: Andina [June 11, 2014]



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