Palaeolithic stone tools found in Jaffna


Some stone weapons belonging to the Palaeolithic period have been unearthed in the Jaffna peninsula. This has also been assessed by Dr Shiran Deraniyagale, an expert on the pre-historic period, Deputy Archaeological Director Dr Nimal Perera told the Daily News. 

Palaeolithic stone tools [Credit: Web]

“Evidence has been found pertaining to the Palaeolithic period in locations in South India, South Asia and Africa. 

However, this is the first time in Sri Lanka’s history that such objects have been found relating to the Palaeolithic period in the country,” he said. 

“These findings were made in Manikkai, close to Point Pedro in 1984. Nevertheless due to the 30 year war, excavation came to a halt making it impossible to unearth any evidence. “Under the excavation project of Kantharodei, a combined project was launched by the Archaeological Department and the Jaffna University. Prof Krishna Raja of the Jaffna University found the stone weapons from the Jaffna peninsula,” the deputy director said. 

Dr Perera said he inspected these weapons which were brought to Colombo and shown to Dr Deraniyagala who confirmed that the stone weapons belonged to the Palaeolithic period. 

He said there are four ancient and important historic towns in Sri Lanka. “They are Anuradhapura, Tissamaharama, Mathota and Jaffna. No pre- historic evidence was found in Jaffna upto now. The department has begun excavations in the area now,” he said.  

Source: Sri Lanka Daily News [October 03, 2011]