Palaeolithic sites discovered in Persian Gulf


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Palaeolithic sites have been discovered in the nearest hinterlands of the Persian Gulf in the salvage survey and identification operations conducted along the Kerman-Bandar Abbas Freeway.

Palaeolithic sites discovered in Persian Gulf
Credit: IRNA

The Public Relations Office of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) quoted the head of the archaeological team, Salman Anjom Rooz, as saying on Wednesday that the archaeological explorations on the Kerman-Bandar Abbas Freeway (in the vicinity of Hormuzgan Province) have been launched with the purpose of identifying, studying and protecting the existing items and sites along the proposed route for the freeway.

He noted that the aforementioned survey would provide the required information for the construction of the freeway as well as conducting the future archaeological studies in the area.

The archaeologist further remarked that as a result of the survey, comprehensive planning could be made for the implementation of development programs and protection of cultural heritage.

According to Anjom Rooz, with the identification of the existing items and sites in the area, in addition to their protection, important information could be obtained in the field of identification of the cultural status of the area in different periods.

He said the area under investigation in Hormuzgan Province encompasses a 130 kilometre long route encompasses are area of 260 square km which will be meticulously surveyed.

The archaeologist referred to the discovery of Palaeolithic sites in the vicinity of the Persian Gulf hinterlands as the early achievements of the explorations.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency [January 10, 2018]




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