Palaeolithic shelters discovered in northern Iran


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A team of archaeologists has recently discovered several cave shelters in the mountains of northern Iran, which are thought to date back to the Palaeolithic era.

Palaeolithic shelters discovered in northern Iran
Credit: Tehran News

“The Palaeolithic shelters were spotted during a survey being conducted in Hezarjarib district of Mazandaran province,” IRNA quoted Elham Qasidian, who leads the team, as saying on Monday.

“Geological conditions have formed numerous caves and shelters in the mountainous area of Hezarjarib.”

Foothill shelters provided ample views of the surrounding plains and the animal herds that traversed them, she added.

Iran’s Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism performs the survey in collaboration with the experts from the University of Cambridge.

Source: Tehran News [October 22, 2018]



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