Palace from Hittite era discovered in Sivas


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A grand piece of Hittite legacy has been uncovered in Sivas’ Yildizeli district, with a palace being the latest discovery at the “Kayalipinar Excavation Site”.

Palace from Hittite era discovered in Sivas
The newly discovered palace, estimated to have been built in 1500 B.C., has been classified
as a protected site by local authorities in Sivas [Credit: Hurriyet]

The palace, estimated to have been built in 1500 B.C., has been classified as a protected site by local authorities.

Archaeologists plan to conduct further excavations of the site to shed further light on the palace.

German-based Academic Vuslat Muller Karpe said this year the Kayalipinar excavations ended relatively quick as the team assigned to the excavation had completed all necessary excavation work.

Noting that Kayalipinar was home to four different civilizations in the past, Karpe said the 40-plus room palace has yielded many artifacts from the Hittite era.

“We have unearthed more than 100 pieces of military equipment in the palace’s storage area alone,” she said.

Tablets written in cuneiform Hittite, mostly religious in theme, were also found at the site, Karpe added.

Karpe said that the palace had been completely burned down at least once and subsequently rebuilt.

The Hittite empire ruled over most of the Anatolian Peninsula until its disintegration in 1178 B.C.

Source: Hurriyet Daily News [November 19, 2013]




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