Over 60 artefacts found in ancient Tibetan tombs


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More than 60 artefacts thought to be around 2,000 years old have been found in ancient tombs in southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, local authorities said Friday.

Over 60 artefacts found in ancient Tibetan tombs
Credit: Xinhua

Researchers found the artefacts at two tomb sites in Zanda County of Ngari Prefecture after two months of excavation. There are more than 10 ancient tombs at the two sites, according to the local cultural heritage department.

Over 60 artefacts found in ancient Tibetan tombs
Credit: Xinhua

“The artefacts include pottery, bronzeware, goldware and accessories, and are similar to findings at another site in Ngari dating back around 2,000 years,” said Loden, head of the county cultural heritage department.

Over 60 artefacts found in ancient Tibetan tombs
Credit: Xinhua

Further confirmation of the age of the artefacts is underway at the regional cultural heritage institute.

“The artefacts offer important evidence for studying the early culture in western Ngari,” said Shaka Wandu, assistant researcher at the regional institute.

Source: XinhuaNet [August 13, 2018]



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