Oldest Mayan ‘affresco’ mural found in Guatemala


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Guatemalan and Spanish archaeologists have discoovered the ealiest Mayan mural fresco was discovered in northern Guatemala, near the Mexican border.

Oldest Mayan 'affresco' mural found in Guatemala
The Mayan mural painted with ‘affresco’ technique that dates back to the 8th century
from the La Blanca archaeological site [Credit: AFP/Guatemala
Ministry of Culture]

The mural is executed in the painting technique called ‘fresco’ which involves painting on a freshly laid lime plaster coat before it has dried said Cristina Vidal, Scientific Director of the archaeological site La Blanca, where the painting was discovered.

All hitherto known Mayan murals were done with secco or ‘dry’ mural painting techniques, said the archaeologist.

The mural, which was found in a Mayan palace built in the Late Classic period (600-900 AD), depicts a ceromnial offering gifts to an important person. We see many male characters, women, children and servants, with a band of hieroglyphs.

Vidal acknowledged the novelty of the discovery, but does not rule out that further findings in the older unexplored areas of the region could unearth more lost treasures of the Mayan civilization.

Source: AFP [November 16, 2013]



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