Oldest human dwelling excavated in Sri Lanka


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Professor Raj Somadeva of the Post Graduate Institute of Archaeology at Kelaniya University says that excavations in Haldummulla in Badulla district have led to the discovery of the oldest human dwelling identified on the island so far. 

Some microlithic implements found at the Haldummulla site [Credit: Web]

The archaeological site in Koswatta, Haldummulla, is situated 850 meters above sea level and it is the highest ground that remains of ancient human dwellings have been reported. The archaeologists have recovered the foundations of four houses and believe more remain under soil. 

The excavations started last year and the second phase, now under way, will end in the next two weeks. Many pieces of red-colored pottery, clay beads, and ironware are among the findings.  

Source: Colombo Page [August 17, 2011]



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