NY pipeline to go through sites containing ancient artifacts


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Upstate New York officials who found out a planned natural gas pipeline could go through sites containing prehistoric artifacts have been barred from getting more details because of a federal law aimed at preventing looting.

NY pipeline to go through sites containing ancient artifacts
Hohokam arrowhead in situ [Credit: WikiCommons]

Constitution Pipeline LLC plans to build a 124-mile pipeline from Pennsylvania’s shale fields to northeastern markets. As part of the permitting process, it has filed documents with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission describing three sites with archaeological value on its route. The sites could contain artifacts such as arrowheads and stone tools.

Schoharie County officials want to know where the sites are so they can weigh in on protective measures. But their information requests have been denied due to federal regulations intended to protect such sites.

An archaeologist working on a dig in the area says state officials will ensure any artifacts are preserved.

Author: Mary Esch | Source: The Associated Press [October 11, 2015]




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