New inscription found in ancient city of Patara


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An excavation team in the ancient city of Patara, on the south-west coast of Lycia on the Mediterranean coast of Asia Minor (Turkey), unearthed an inscription in the ancient theatre.
New inscription found in ancient city of Patara
Credit: AA

Chief excavator Prof. Havva Iskan Isik of Akdeniz University told Anadolu Agency that during their work at the ancient theatre, they identified an inscription in Greek honouring one of the important citizens living in ancient times in Patara.

“The epigraphists who worked in the Patara excavation started studies on reading the inscription. The name of the citizen and the content of the inscription will be revealed in a short time,” she added.
New inscription found in ancient city of Patara
Credit: AA

Patara, situated at a distance of 60 stadia to the southeast of the mouth of the river Xanthos, was said to have been founded by Pataros, a son of Apollo. The city was noted in antiquity for its temple and oracle of Apollo, second only to that of Delphi.

It seems certain that Patara received Dorian settlers from Crete; and the worship of Apollo was certainly Dorian. Ancient writers mentioned Patara as one of the principal cities of Lycia. It was Lycia’s primary seaport, and a leading city of the Lycian League.
Source: Anadolu Agency, Wikipedia [May 10, 2020]



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