Neolithic settlement discovered in western Iran


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Evidence of short-term settlement has been found around Ganj Darreh Mound, Kermanshah Province, which apparently dates back to the Pre-Pottery era.

Neolithic settlement discovered in western Iran
Credit: IRNA

Research Institute of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) quoted head of the excavation team in the mound in Harsin, western Iran, Hojjat Darabi as saying that the exploration is being conducted with the aim of determining the date of the settlement in the area and acquiring information about the start of agricultural and livestock activities in the central Zagros region, IRNA reported.

He added the exploration depends on creating a stratigraphical cut on top of the mound and in the vicinity of earlier excavations conducted by Canadian Philip Smith.

Darabi pointed to the studies conducted at depths of about two meters of the upper deposits during the current stratigraphy which has led to the identification and registration of adobe and clay architectural remnants.

The archeologist referred to the identification of evidence of short-term settlement around Ganj Darreh Mound, which seems to belong to the Pre-Pottery Neolithic era and newer than the existing settlement on the hill itself.

He added: “Due to the complexity of the stratigraphy operation on Ganj Darreh Mound and the numerous architectural remnants, the excavation is rather slow in the area. It is hoped that with the completion of stratigraphy in future, the research objectives will be achieved.”

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency [October 11, 2017]



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