Nasca geoglyphs may be found along Rio Grande basin


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Nasca ancient geoglyphs are found in the pampas, but they may be found along Rio Grande basin, too, said archaeologist Alberto Urbano, officer in charge at Nasca Regional Directorate of Culture.

000139067MUrbano alleges that this hypothesis has emerged after the recent finds of two high relief figures and 138 line centers discovered by a team of researchers at Japan’s Yamagata University.

Japanese researchers were assisted by Peruvian Jorge Olano and, all together carried out a research study in this southwest sector of the pampas in Cacahuasi area. Such a project was completed in late January.

The observed area belong to the Paracas culture, the specialist told Andina news agency.

With regard to the above mentioned line centers, Urbano explained that “they are small hills, mounds or distribution lines”, which may be related to the figures.

On the other hand, he urged Ica authorities to monitor Nasca pampas situation in view of the current rainy conditions, which can cause some overflows.

Source: Andina [February 16, 2011]



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