Mummies, embalming equipment discovered south of Pyramid of Unas in Egypt’s Saqqara


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The Ministry of Antiquities is set to announce the discovery of a number of mummies and embalming equipment at the Saqqara necropolis on Saturday.

Mummies, embalming equipment discovered south of Pyramid of Unas in Egypt's Saqqara
The Pyramid of Unas, Saqqara [Credit: Tiziana Giuliani]

The ministry told Ahram Online that the discovery includes a collection of inscribed mummification vessel measuring cups.

A communal burial shaft was also discovered where a large number of mummies were buried.

The mummies were buried in both wooden coffins and large sarcophagi, and amulets, gemstones and precious metal objects were found.

A golden mask that was discovered will be displayed along with other objects during a press conference held by the ministry on Saturday.

The discovery was made in collaboration with a German archaeological mission, close to the Pyramid of Unas.

Author: Nevine El-Aref | Source: Ahram Online [July 09, 2018]



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