Mosaic dating back to 4th century uncovered near Damascus


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The national archaeology expedition operating in Barada valley in al-Zabadani area near Damascus uncovered a floor mural dating back to the 4th century AD.

Mosaic dating back to 4th century uncovered near Damascus

The mosaic, which has an area of around 50 metres, was found in Barhilia town, and makes up the floor of a hall with a wide entrance and two narrow entrances.

Mosaic dating back to 4th century uncovered near Damascus

The mural features artistic scenes and geometric, plant-shaped, and symbolic decorations, all executed with small stone tiles. The style indicates that the mosaic dates back to the end of the Roman era and the beginning of the Byzantine era.

Mosaic dating back to 4th century uncovered near Damascus

Director of Damascus Countryside Archaeology Department Mahmoud Hammoud said that this mural is the first of its kind to be found in the area of Damascus and its countryside, and underlines the importance of the site where it was discovered as it was the seat of a kingdom established by the Iturians, and many archaeological finds were uncovered in three villages in Barada valley; Souq Wadi Barada, Barhilia, and Kafr al-Awamid.

Author: Hazem Sabbagh | Source: SANA [July 06, 2017]



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