‘Medieval Graffiti – a lost art of the Middle Ages’ at the St Albans Museum


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The exhibition features around thirty framed photographic prints of medieval graffiti, with examples from Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Dorset, and France. 

'Medieval Graffiti - a lost art of the Middle Ages' at the St Albans Museum
Grafitti from St Mary Magdalene, Little Brickhill [Credit: Jerry Glover]

This includes the earliest artistic representations in Britain and France of the holy grail, as well as a wide variety of other graffiti subjects, from people and animals, music and musicians, to texts, symbols and geometric examples.

To compliment the images is a 25 minute video with original music by local and international musicians, and stone artefacts with carvings of medieval graffiti from which visitors can take rubbings. An illustrated guide is also available.

The exhibition is open until 24th June.  

The Museum of St Albans is open 10 – 5 (Mon-Sat) and 2 – 5 (Sun). Free Entry

Source: St Albans Museum [June 06, 2013]



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