Medieval court to be rebuilt in Wales


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Work to reconstruct one of the medieval courts of the Princes of Gwynedd has begun at St Fagans National History Museum, near Cardiff.

Medieval court to be rebuilt in Wales
Work on rebuilding the Llys Rhosyr great hall is under way
[Credit: National Museum Wales]

Rebuilding the great hall from Llys Rhosyr on Anglesey will be one of the most challenging archaeological projects attempted in Wales, said the museum.

Part of its original stone structure recovered from Angelsey will be used. Once complete, schools and groups will be able to stay overnight.

The project will see the building’s nine-metre high (29.5 ft) stone walls and thatched roof rebuilt and is part the wider renovation of St Fagans.

Medieval court to be rebuilt in Wales
An artist’s impression shows how the Llys Rhosyr settlement might have looked
[Credit: National Museum Wales]

The redevelopment, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Welsh government, includes a new building to illustrate the story of Wales from 230,000 BC and an Iron Age settlement Bryn Eryr, also from Anglesey.

The revamp has provided two apprenticeships with the museum’s historic buildings unit.

Trainee stonemasons Matthew Roberts and Brett Burnell will join the team after funding was granted by the People’s Postcode Lottery.

Source: BBC News Website [September 25, 2014]



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