Man loots ancient cemetery under his house


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A source in the Egyptian Ismailia Antiquities Inspection Office said a report filed against a man turned illegal antiquities dealer led to the discovery of an ancient cemetery.

Man loots ancient cemetery under his house
Canopic jars [TANN file photo]

The cemetery is likely to date back to the Roman or late Pharaonic era and was found under a house in el-Qantara, according to the office.

The report was initially filed to the Touristic Police, after their neighbor began digging at the foundations of the building, which the neighbors feared would compromise its structural integrity.

The police discovered that the man had unearthed an ancient cemetery and was attempting to sell its contents.

“The discovery of the cemetery is completely new. It contains a coffin and animals bones. We are waiting for the arrival of a central committee from the Ministry of Antiquities in Cairo to decide on the excavation mission.” a source at the Ismailia office said.

Author: Mohamed Awad | Source: The Cairo Post [December 02, 2013]



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