Man busted for illicit trade of antiquities in Crete


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A 59 year old man from Herakleion Crete was arrested on Friday morning for the illicit trade of antiquities.

Man busted for illicit trade of antiquities in Crete
Man busted for illicit trade of antiquities in Crete
Man busted for illicit trade of antiquities in Crete
The items seized during the investigation 
[Credit: Greek Police]

Police officers searched his house and found 28 bronze objects of various shapes and types, 3 ceramic objects, 3 small anthropomorphic statues of various types from the Cycladic Era and 6 small bronze zoomorphic statues.

The confiscated items were delivered to the local Ephorate of Antiquities for study and evaluation.

Source: Greek Police, press release [November 08, 2015]



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